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The Terms and Conditions include necessary rules to use subdomain names that belong to website lydiumfinance.com (www.lydiumfinance.com) and linked domains (All other domains and subdomains connected to Lydium) and/or lydiumfinance.com website, and services provided in website and subdomain names. Visiting and using lydiumfinance.com website and subdomain names and all other domains and subdomains affiliated with Lydium belonging to the website mean that the provisions are accepted beforehand.

Lydium, lydiumfinance.com and subdomain names and all other domains and subdomains affiliated with Lydium (hereinafter referred to as "Lydium, Website, We, Our"). Each user visiting lydiumfinance.com and subdomain names and all other domains and subdomains affiliated with Lydium and using the services provided in the Website (herein after referred to as "User, You, Your)". All services and contents in the website and subdomain names (hereinafter referred to as "Service, Services"). LYD Tokens that were bought by users to contribute the project (hereinafter referred to as "Lydium, LYD, LYD Token, LYD Coin).

Please carefully read this document as it affects your obligations and legal rights without any time limit, including renunciations from rights and liability limitations. You agree, declare and undertake terms and conditions detailed herewith by visiting the website and signing up and/or using it.

If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions herewith, do not use the Website or Services.

Lydium may change the Terms and Conditions depending on its own discretion without the necessity of any notification in any time. Also, it has a right to amend, to add or omit any term or article, and it reserves this right.

It is under your responsibility to check the amendments made in the terms and conditions periodically. You can view the current version of the Terms and Conditions by clicking the link "Terms and Conditions" on the website. If you visit and/or continue to use the website, you declare and undertake that you accept the amendments made and new terms and conditions.

Lydium is not a local or country-based project. Lydium is a blockchain-based, decentralized ecosystem and it presents its services by using decentralized services.

Crypto/digital asset trade is extremely risky and variable, and you should never invest more than that you can take a risk to lose. Risks related to Lydium Token (LYD) can cause you to lose even full value of your funds.

ICO investments / contributions include high risk, and they may cause rapid financial losses. If they cannot reach the specified targets in ICO due to any reason, you can lose a part of full of your investments. There is no yield guarantee of your investment.

It is eventual that the user buys Token during ICO. Users support the project by participating in ICO and they buy LYD token in return for project support value which they paid but no guarantee is given concerning whether the tokens that are bought shall have material value in future, and there is no way to return for tokens that are bought. There is no repayment or cancel. The users who participate in ICO accept that they do not request any indemnity or repayment regardless of whatever is the reason.

Lydium is and shall not be responsible or liable for market values of LYD tokens, transmissibility of tokens or their liquidities or existence of any other market for Tokens via third parties or in any other way. Lydium does not undertake that LYD Tokens can be exchanged in future.

Changefulness and unpredictability of crypto currency price may cause substantial losses in a short time when compared to fiat money currency. Transactions in crypto currency may be reverseless and in this respect, the losses resulting from transactions that are taken accidentally may not be withdrawn.

Buying crypto currencies bring with a range of risks including variable market fluctuations in price or rapid decreases, fraud, market manipulation and cyber security risks. In addition, crypto currency markets and stock exchanges are not organized with the same control or customer protection in stock certificate, option, futures contracts, or foreign currency investment. Before investing on a blockchain project, the investors have to be aware of all risks that can occur in this project and others, as well. They have to accept that investing on Lydium project may have a risk to lose a high amount of money and investing on Lydium is not an exception of the risks stated above and below.

Besides, you accept that it brings with great risks such as loss in value of blockchain indicators naturally, robbery, hacking or fully loss of other indicators, usability and security loss, and other weaknesses in Lydium or third party software.

If you do not understand the risks and liabilities completely, you should consult an advocate, accountant and/or a tax professional before making a decision. The responsibility of any kind of transaction belongs to only you.

No regulatory body has investigated and certified the information stated in this project. Such action has not been taken or shall not be taken by virtue of any jurisdiction law, regulatory necessities, or rules. Publication or distribution of this project does not imply that it accords with applicable law or regulatory necessities.


You and we accept that any arbitration shall not be conducted as class action lawsuit or any other representative lawsuit, but it shall be conducted in only individual capacity, and you and we expressly renounce from the right of claiming class action lawsuit or seeking solution collectively.

Your acceptance for this agreement effectuates renunciation from the right of being tried by jury and the right of participation in class action lawsuit and lawsuits.

Any arbitration or allegation derived from this Terms and Conditions and those or its subject or formation (including extracontractual arbitrations or allegations) or related to those shall be managed and interpreted according to the country's law determined by Lydium in all matters.

Even though the activities in the website exist in different jurisdiction areas, it is agreed and declared that this type of usability shall not cause a general or individual juridical power upon Lydium. The user agrees, declares and undertakes that all expenses (including Lydium's expenses) that can be occurred in the event of any legal arbitration shall be paid by the user. In case of legal disputes, all costs will be borne by the user.

To access some of Services, it may require the user's wallet to connect the Website. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that can be occurred due to this integration. You understand that Website Services include newly emergent technologies and use of these Services may cause partly or fully fund loss.

You agree, declare and guarantee the terms above and below by using Services:

You have exact legal capacity and power to accept and to abide by these Conditions;

Use of Services is not forbidden by current laws, and they are always suitable with applicable laws; and you are solely responsible for all activities occurred from use of Services, and if any, your user account or via your account.

The user agrees, declares and undertakes that the user does not act on behalf of any legal entity.

You are responsible for keeping secret your account, your password and other identification information and accessing securely your device while using website.

You shall not use the Services in any other way except expressly permitted in these Conditions.

You shall not use the Services in any other illegal way, for fraud or malicious activities or in the way defiance of these Terms and Condition or you shall not violate the applicable laws in any way.

You shall not use any robot, spider, other automated device, or manual transaction for tracking or copying the Services or some part of them except copying or exporting in the way permitted by Conditions.

You shall not duplicate as backup or archive copies of the Website or any part of subdomain names (including their uninstall).

You guarantee that you are aware of the applicable laws and regulations governing your use of the Services. You shall be solely responsible for ensuring compliance with various applicable laws, and you shall be solely responsible for any liability that may arise due to a violation of your obligations in this regard.

The Services may contain services, content, and information that are owned, made available, or otherwise licensed by a third party ("Third Party Services"), or may contain links to Third Party Services. You understand that the Third-Party Services are the responsibility of the third party that created or provided it, and you agree that the risk of using such Third-Party Services lies solely with you.

Lydium makes no statement and expressly disclaims all warranties and obligations arising from or related to such Third-Party Services, including their accuracy or completeness. All intellectual property rights in and related to Third-Party Services are the property of the relevant third parties.

Lydium expressly prohibits and rejects the use of the Service for any form of illegal activity in accordance with the laws, regulations, and norms of various jurisdictions, including money laundering, terrorist financing or trade sanctions violations. By using the Service, you agree and declare that you are not involved in any such activity.

This project is aimed at people who have experience in buying blockchain tokens. If you have not participated in token sales regularly before or have not fully understood the risks associated with it, you should not participate in the Lydium sale.

Each participant fully agrees all risks associated with the token sale and distribution process and agrees that no guarantees have been made/given. There may be large differences in the value between the date the token was received by the user and the date it can be exchanged.

By participating in the Lydium’s ICO and receiving the Lydium (LYD Token), you agree that the primary function of the Lydium token is to develop the Lydium Ecosystem and is not a value storage asset.

Lydium has the right to change its mainnet without any notice, to use more than one mainnet, and to create and use its own mainnet. It can make the necessary changes by notifying or without notifying users, change its mainnet, use more than one mainnet, or stop operations on some of the mainnets it has used.

The LYD Tokens that the user has received shall be uploaded to the wallet addresses specified by the users or to wallets created by Lydium and sent to the users after the ICO or while the ICO is in progress. The transmission method shall be determined by Lydium.

The accuracy, accessibility, availability, compatibility of wallet information is the responsibility of the user if the token is sent by requesting wallet information from the User. Lydium is not responsible for any problems caused by the blockchain network, other problems, errors and losses that may occur during or after the transmission.

If the Token transmission is made through wallets created by Lydium;

The LYD Tokens that the user has received shall be uploaded to the software, mobile or browser add-on wallets that shall be selected by Lydium and sent to the e-mail address that the user has used to become a member of the Lydium website with these wallets.

The up-to-date, accessibility and availability of the user's email address used when registering with Lydium is the responsibility of the user, Lydium is not responsible for problems caused by the blockchain network, other problems, errors, and losses that may occur during or after transmission. Lydium is not responsible for any losses that may occur due to the fact that the sent wallet information falls into spam, junk, unnecessary, unwanted and similar folders and is deleted. All kinds of responsibilities after transmission belong to the user.

Lydium may change its transmission methods at its discretion with or without prior notice.

The Lydium ICO may be terminated by Lydium with or without prior notice.

Lydium may annul/terminate the user's membership and all rights to use in connection with unauthorized or so-called unauthorized use of the services provided, or in connection with the use of the Website, violation of these Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason. If Lydium uses this authority, it shall not assume any obligations or responsibilities and shall not refund the support/contribution amounts paid by the User to the project.

We are not responsible for any content or information posted on any website linked to our Website and on any social media account.

Lydium, including its team managers and employees assume no responsibility to you for any loss or damage caused by the above and the below:

You should not participate in Lydium ICO if participation in ICOs is prohibited, restricted or subject to legal regulations according to the laws of your country. Otherwise, all legal responsibility belongs to the user.

Lydium is not a security. The User expressly agrees and declares that the user does not accept Lydium as a security. If Lydium is/can be accepted as a security according to the laws of your country, do not participate in the Lydium ICO and do not buy Lydium in any way. Otherwise, Lydium shall not accept any legal responsibility.

Lydium is not a speculative investment. The User agrees and declares that it does not invest in ICO in anticipation of profit, contributes to the development of Lydium operations and receives only LYD Tokens in exchange for their contribution.

The Users in the countries such as Iraq, Iran, Myanmar, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, United States, Lebanon, Liberia, Japan, Virgin Islands, Libya, Ivory Coast, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. where ICO participation prohibited, restricted or regulated are required not to participate in Lydium's ICO. Lydium shall not use any methods to block access to the website from these countries and is not required to use them. Users participating in ICO from these countries agree and declare that all legal responsibility belongs to them and that Lydium has no legal responsibility.

You understand that Lydium does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information related to the use of the Services, nor does it make any guarantees in connection with your use of or reliance on such information. You agree that your use of the Service Information is at your own risk. Lydium in no way accepts any material or moral responsibility against the user for termination, interruption, delay or inaccuracy of any service information or non-realization of the services. You agree to be responsible for all consequences that may arise from your use of the Services, and you expressly agree and declare that Lydium shall have absolutely no obligation in this regard.

Lydium does not guarantee or declare that the Services shall be compatible with any third-party hardware or software. It shall be your responsibility to ensure the compatibility of the Services before use. In addition, Lydium cannot be held responsible for any actual, incidental, or consequential material or moral damages that may result from the use or unavailability of any third-party peripheral units with the Services.

The Website may contain links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by Lydium. Lydium has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of such websites. Also, you agree and declare that Lydium is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage occurred or alleged from use of such content, goods or services, directly or indirectly, or any loss or damage arising in connection with these.

Lydium expressly disclaims that all kinds of open or implied guarantees derived from the Services including saleability, fitness for a particular purpose, satisfactory quality, accuracy, breach, compatibility, applicability, availability, compliance and performance of all services, its trading process or commercial use.

The user agrees and declares that it does not accept any articles, images and information contained on the Lydium website and Lydium social media accounts as investment advice.

No article, image, or information on our website or on any website or social media account is a sales offer or a request for an offer to buy any Tokens.

Project name, logo, token name, website address(es), smart contract / contracts, token supply amount, all or part of the introductory document, social media(s) can be changed at any time without notice for any reason.

Lydium may not be able to launch its operations and services if it cannot raise sufficient funds. Lydium does not make any guarantees or promises about how its business shall develop or about the benefit or value of tokens.

Lydium is not responsible for tangible or intangible damages that may occur as a result of Services provided through the website, any third-party services, including your use of the services, availability of services or your inability to use, or unavailability; any failure, interruption, deletion of files, delay in operation or transmission of information from or through the services, the existence or occurrence of a communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to Lydium's records, programs, services, servers, or other infrastructure services, any malicious code or virus infections; or can be left running for any period of service.

Lydium participants agree, declare and undertake that they contribute project development and commissioning by buying LYD Token, that they assume all risks such non-development of project and non-commissioning of the services and etc. and that they shall not make any request for the tangible or intangible loss that can derived from these risks.

Lydium reserves the right to transfer this Agreement in whole or in part without notice at any time. The User may not transfer any of his rights or obligations under this Agreement.

The entire or part of the project team, owners, founders, managers or anyone responsible for the project may change at any time and without any notice. In case of possible changes, all material and moral responsibilities (including those against Lydium and Users) of the old/changed project responsibilities in the project shall be terminated.

lydiumfinance.com and users who are registered or not registered in our system through subdomain names cannot make any material or moral demands from lydiumfinance.com or lydiumfinance.com managers, owners, or employees, or the Lydium team.

In the event of a dispute between the text of these Terms and Conditions and any translation thereof, English version shall be valid in all cases.

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