Lydium is a digital seed developed for the growth of the agricultural economy. The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors all over the world due to its impact on exports, providing raw materials and capital to other sectors. Currently, agricultural workers account for an average of 40% of the world's employment. Lydium is a digital finance and banking ecosystem developed to provide banking services such as receiving payments, making payments and using loans to millions of agricultural producers, agricultural workers and all other people who cannot benefit from banking services.

Lydium uses double-layer blockchain distribution technology running in parallel with the main chain to solve the scalability and efficiency issues of the blockchain. In this way, all transactions on the Lydium financial network are carried out more securely, faster and cost-free.

Lydium Network

The Lydium financial network runs parallel to the mainnet using second-layer solutions and blockless distribution technology. In this way, all transactions are carried out more securely, faster and cost-free.

Lydium Wallet

With the Lydium wallet application, you can manage all advanced banking services such as receiving payments, making payments, using loans and fundraising through a single mobile application.

Lydium Card

You can create prepaid virtual cards using your Lydium wallet balance, and you can easily use them on all online platforms where the credit card is valid, by paying a transaction fee of 0.1% per transaction.

Lydium Staking

You can safely stake your Lydiums on your Lydium wallet without any additional hardware, and earn monthly income for your assets operated in the Lydium financial network.

announcement !

The depreciation of Terra (LUNA) by over 99.99% has negatively affected all other crypto projects as well as the Lydium operations.
The negative developments in LUNA and UST , which are among the top 10 crypto projects in terms of market value, have weakened the confidence in crypto projects all over the world, and these negative developments have caused some of our contracted producers and corporate supporters to leave the the Lydium project.

For this reason, the development of Lydium Wallet, Lydium Card and Lydium Stake operations connected to the Lydium Financial network and Lydium financial network has been stopped for an indefinite period of time. Our team continues its contacts in the background. The developments regarding the project will be shared with our supporters.

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